This is how it works:



Add links to web pages with our bookmarklet. Channelkit will visualize your bookmarks, suggest format types and name it for you.



Assign a link to an existing channel or create a new one. Set up your own hierarchy and grouping principle or use our suggestions.

Add notes, tags and category descriptions. Later you can use them to filter and search.



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This is how people use it:


Interface Designer

I’m now working on projects related to smart homes and I use Channelkit to collect links to new tools, latest technological developments and other related materials.

See Olga's channel on trends and new developments in smart homes


Art Curator

I use Channelkit to create mood boards for exhibitions I’m bringing to Moscow. These include biographic materials, articles, links to images, quotes and other references.

See Maria's channel for Andy Warhol's exhibition


Web Developer

I spend every three months in a new country. I put together lists of apartments, cafes, events and other things to do and share these with friends who follow my footsteps.

See Greg's channel on Buenos Aires hangouts