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Give feedback

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What is Channelkit?

Channelkit is a tool that lets you save and organize links from the web: sites, articles, videos, quotes and lots more. You group these into channels and add notes and tags to make them easy to find and share.

In a way, Channelkit is like your personal web library.


How do people use it?


Interface Designer

I’m now working on projects related to smart homes and I use Channelkit to collect links to new tools, latest technological developments and other related materials.

See Olga's channel on trends and new developments in smart homes


Art Curator

I use Channelkit to create mood boards for exhibitions I’m bringing to Moscow. These include biographic materials, articles, links to images, quotes and other references.

See Maria's channel for Andy Warhol's exhibition


Web Developer

I spend every three months in a new country. I put together lists of apartments, cafes, events and other things to do and share these with friends who follow my footsteps.

See Greg's channel on Buenos Aires hangouts

What can you do with Channelkit?

R — Red marks for work in progress


Every link you add is displayed in form of a card – just like a library card. Each card automatically gets a title, an image, and a short note. Depending on your needs you can leave it like this or add more details to organize your library properly. There are several ways to collect links:

Right in the Dashboard


Simply paste a link to your Dashboard search-or-add field. You can add all the organizing details right there.

Please note that secure https:// links can only be added via Dashboard or e-mail. Bookmarklet cannot read them for security reasons.

By using our bookmarklet


Install the bookmarklet from the Tools page and click it when you stumble upon a website worth saving.

Click MORE to select channels, tags and to customize your bookmark image, note and title. Othewise the bookmark will be automatically saved to Unsorted. You can always edit it in Dashboard.

Or by sending e-mails


If you’re on your mobile device, you can send links to Bookmarks will be saved to Unsorted.

Make sure the e-mail address you send from matches the one indicated in your Channelkit settings.


Helping you organize your link library is our challenge. This is why Channelkit provides advanced organizing tools for those who love organizing and automatically adds default descriptions for those who hate it. Here is what we suggest for each of your bookmarks:

Title & Note

Title note

Title and note will be added automaticaly just as it is done in Facebook, but you can edit either of them while saving a bookmark or anytime later.



We love good looking and neat bookmarks, so you are able to choose between images from the webpage (if available) and its snapshot.



You can not only bookmark links, but specific media content. Channelkit detects and displays video, audio, images and quotes in addition to bare links.



Channelkit is a toolkit for Channels — collections of your bookmarks. Each bookmark can belong to one or more channels. A bookmark with no channels assigned goes to Unsorted. Once a bookmark is assigned to a channel, it is automatically removed from Unsorted.

If you have too many channels, you can group them. Simply create a group and drag channels into it.


  • music
  • festivals
  • autechre
  • radiohead

When you have many bookmarks, tags are a way to filter the information within multiple channels.

We recommend using tags for cross-channel topics and in plural form when applicable: cites, languages, nutrition.

Eventually, Channelkit will help you make the tagging process easier by suggesting relevant tags for each bookmark.


  • places
  • blogs & media
  • tools & apps
  • people
  • books

Channelkit will provide additional description fields and customize display for bookmarks based on its category.

Picking a particular category will, for example, help you organize personal travel guides, contact base or lists of recommended books.

Custom categories would work perfectly for those who conciously build thier knowledge base.


We are strongly fond of the idea of publishing by curating. A well-annotated channel with links is like a good editorial piece. That’s why we suggest you make certain channels public and spread these around.

Public channels

All your channels are private, unless you make them public. Click PUBLISH when you are in the channel board, or on the channel “eye” icon in the left pane.

All channels, except Unsorted, can be made public. You can share public channels via, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or embed it into your blog.

User profile

All Channelkit users will have their profiles containing their public channels and contact info. So you will be able to discover content and subscribe to users or favorite channels that interest you.


All public channels, bookmarks and users will feed our structured Catalog, so you’ll be able to discover new channels, links and experts by topics, categories and keywords.


Collect, organize and publish links together. Coming soon.


How do you get started?

1. Register using your e-mail, Facebook or Twitter account:

2. We will guide through profile details completion. These will be displayed on channels you decide to share and on your channelkit profile.

3. Link social accounts to be able to have multiple login options and cross-platform posting.

4. Import existing bookmarks from your browser.

5. Install the Channelkit bookmarklet. Just drag it into your browser toolbar and you’ll be able to save pages as you stumble upon them without returning to the site.

6. We will suggest a few links and some of our favorite channels to get started. You are all set to start using Channelkit.


What browsers are supported?

We're now best tailored for Google Chrome browser, but are working hard to optimize Channelkit for other major web browsers.


Is there an app for it?

There is no dedicated Channelkit app at this time, IOS and Android apps coming later this year. If you are on mobile, you can still save links by sending them to from the e-mail address you registered with.


What about privacy?

Your private channels and bookmarks are not visible to Channelkit founders and admins. We do track public data and bookmark descriptions at an aggregated anonymous level to improve organizing tools, recommedation system and the Catalog for you.

We might approach you with a request to feature one of your channels on our Facebook page or blog, but we will not be doing it without your concent.


How do we make money?

The basic functionality of Channelkit is and will remain free. We will be launching premium features in a few months. These will mostly be focused around solutions for small teams and collaborative bookmarking. If you can think of features you’d really need and would be willing to pay for, please do tell us.


We’d love to make Channelkit as useful as possible. Please feel free to contact us with comments, sugggestions and wishes you might have.


You are welcome to download the Channelkit press kit. For all press enquiries, please contact Nina.